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Welcome to the Cabinet of Curios.

Here at Trish Creates, I try to waste as little as possible. However, sometimes my Creates don't turn out quite as planned. The Cabinet of Curios is where these unplanned Creates reside: a little corner of perfect imperfection. This is where you'll find things like:

  • tester items

  • pieces made from the leftover resin of larger Creates

  • slightly deformed or discoloured wax melts

  • products with minor imperfections, like offset pendant bails or microbubbles.

 All of these products are still fit for their intended purpose! They just have aesthetic abnormalities. These pieces are not intended to be regular fixtures. Once they're gone, they're gone!

These products are offered at a lower price than their counterparts intended for repeated production. All photos are taken individually to give as accurate a representation of them as possible. Please note that these products are not eligible for returns because of their one of a kind nature!

Coming soon - black.PNG
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